Panic-Esperante-for-Wild-Bill-TattooThe Chrome Factory produces the highest quality finishes available. You are only limited by your imagination. Let your mind go wild and create a customized look that you have only imagined up to now. We can make every day items dazzle with a one of a kind look and feel. We specialize in One off paint jobs.



Our Chroming Process is a hybrid of paint and plating that allows you to coat anything from metals, ceramics, plastics, glass and even wood with a mirror like chrome finish. It is ideal for use where conventional electroplating plating and vacuum metallizing are unsuitable due to cost, size, design, substrate material, or environmental issues.


Spray Chrome is comprised of three proprietary coatings. Two of the coatings are essentially automotive grade paints and are applied in our state of the art spray booth and cured in our one of a kind curing room. The metallic coating is applied with a special Spray Chrome machine that applies a sprayed-on electroless plating solution.






  • Our Spray Chrome is the only product of its kind that won’t peel, flake, or yellow from the sun!
  • Meets many OEM automotive paints standards. See tests on the FAQ page here.
  • Spray Chrome duplicates the look of chrome, brass, gold, silver and other metals.
  • Available in many colors by adding tints to the topcoat.
  • Environmentally friendlier than traditional electroplating.
  • Meets the European Union’s new RoHS rules. (Reduction of hazardous substances).
  • Available with very low or no chromium. Either way meets RoHS.
  • Can be used on flexible materials where chrome plating cracks or peels.
  • Can be used on any nearly any size object from trinkets to 20 ft. statues or display booths.
  • Passes most OEM tests and now even tolerates high temperatures. (300º to 350ºF). No competing product comes close. Allows you to coat parts in the engine compartment.



If you have questions or need more information about our unique process, please give a call at: 702.399.5099, or email us at